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Playing for Time Theatre Company's work is predicated on the firm belief that Education is a right that should be accessible to all people and that adults should be given opportunities for life-long learning wherever they are. Learning through arts processes is multifaceted and complex. As well as arts-based skills and knowledge, there are many transferable skills that accrue to this process such as the enhancement of self-confidence and esteem, team building, communication and self-presentation skills and many others.  It is possible that a positive experience of arts’ work in prison might contribute towards attitudinal change and can be part of the jigsaw of work undertaken in prisons to combat recidivism. Arts’ projects encourage prisoners to value pro-social behaviour and enable them to flourish within an environment of praise and validation which is part and parcel of the rehearsal space and the final performances.

Playing for Time Theatre Company stages plays with prisoners and undergraduate students working together.  Students act as mentors helping prisoners with aspects of their performance, for example, line-learning and aspects of self-presentation and performance.  Plays are chosen for the learning that is embedded in the play itself in terms of content, themes and context. 

All plays are performed to an invited audience which includes prisoners’ friends and family members and members of the general public who have an interest in and support this work.

All work is accredited through the Open College Network via a programme written especially for theatre work.  The prisoners generally achieve between 3 and 4 certificates at either level 2 or 3.

Playing for Time Theatre Company can offer small or large-scale projects to prisons.  We can work for intensive periods of time, for example 2-4 weeks, or for 8-weeks for larger scale projects. 

Playing for Time Theatre Company was featured on the BBC News in 2008. Click HERE to see the clip of a rehearsal from the production of 'Stand or Fall' by Brian Woolland.



Ubu The King

Oh What A Lovely War

Stand or Fall

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